Who is WoodRoof.com?

Lloyd Clefstad Cedar Shingles and Shakes Guru

WoodRoof.com Cedar Shingles and Shakes has been online since 2001. Previously we have been a division of Lloydco International Wood Products Ltd, registered in the province of British Columbia since 1996. Marni White, a long time employee of the company purchased woodroof.com in January of 2015. While the company is under new ownership, the quality and service has and will remain our top priority.

Marni White, has worked in the cedar shingle industry since 2004 and places the utmost importance on customer service and customer satisfaction. 

What we do, seriously...

We promote, sell and ship roofing and siding products that have been manufactured from magnificent trees that are centuries old. As stewards of the industry, we take this opportunity very seriously. 

Our customers are home owners, contractors, builders and resellers - many of them very new partners that entrust us with their roofs or walls and who pay us thousands of dollars in advance of receiving their products. We take this responsibility very seriously. We believe that by providing the best cedar shake siding and cedar wood siding, we make every house feel like the perfect home by helping owners add character and their own personal touch to the structure. Our products allow homeowners and builders alike to improve the overall aesthetic of any home.

Much of our day is spent teaching and learning. While answering your questions about cedar shingle siding and different types of roofing materials you can use on your home, we learn more about your home improvement projects. The human connection is very important to our process because this allows us to understand how our cedar shakes siding and roofing products can best help you in your home improvement goals. We both want the same end result, as shown by the WoodRoof.com motto, "Love your roof."

Many of our customers are home owners that will only need to buy from us once. Thank you to the thousands of you that have trusted us since 2001. Thank you also to our many, many repeat customers that trust us time and time again.Our success in providing homes with cedar shingles and various roofing materials would not be possible without your belief in what our products can do for your home. Our business would not prosper either if not for your continued trust that WoodRoof.com only provides the best quality materials every time you choose to work with us.

We love and respect these products for their natural beauty, timeless traditions and proven track record. Cedar shingles and shakes have always evoked a touch and feel response from people. Please find some words below that come to mind. 

  • Bio-degradable
  • Durable
  • Impact Resistant
  • Added Value
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Warm to Touch
  • Curb Appeal
  • Low Carbon Foot Print
  • Wind Resistant
  • Light Weight
  • Community Builder
  • Limitless Design
  • Renewable
  • Labor Intensive
  • Natural
  • Love Your Roof

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Frequently Asked Questions

The world of cedar shingles and shakes can be confusing. Since 2001, we have answered many, many questions. The most common FAQ are listed below. Please call or email with your questions. We are happy to help! 

1. What is the difference between a shingle and a shake?

Yes, it can be confusing. What is the difference between a shingle and a shake? In short - shingles are sawn and shakes are split, but its not really that easy.

Western Red Cedar Certigrade® Shingles are:

  • tapered wood tiles, sawn on both faces
  • uniform thickness and appearance
  • random width, except for fancy butts and custom orders
  • packaged 4 bundles per roofing square (100 sq.ft.)
  • based on a 3 layer roof application with no felt paper interlay
  • manufactured into remanufactured sidewall shingles
  • also available in Alaska Yellow Cedar

Western Red Cedar Certi-Split®  Hand-Split Shakes are:

  • tapered wood tiles, with at least one natural split face
  • more irregular and rustic in thickness and appearance
  • random widths
  • packaged 5 bundles per roofing square (100 sq.ft.)
  • based on a 2 layer roof application with a felt paper interlay between rows
  • also available in Alaska Yellow Cedar

Western Red Cedar Certi-Sawn® Tapersawn Shakes are:

  • a hybrid between a shingle and a split shake
  • made in a similar fashion as sawn shingles
  • tapered wood tiles, sawn both faces
  • uniform in thickness and appearance
  • thicker than a shingle
  • random widths
  • packaged 5 bundles per roofing square (100 sq.ft.)
  • based on a 2 layer roof application with a felt paper interlay between rows
  • also available in Alaska Yellow Cedar

Click on this link to download technical brochure from the CSSB.

CSSB What is a shake shingle? CSSB What is a shake shingle? (264 KB)

Need more help? Please contact us!

2. What is the difference between #1 Grade and #2 Grade shingles?

Western Red Cedar Certigrade® shingles are available in four grades.

No.1 Grade Blue Label 

  • 100% edge grain, (no flat grain)
  • 100% clear, (no knots or defects)
  • 100% heartwood, (no sapwood)
  • This is the highest grade possible and the product is suitable for use in all cedar roof or siding applications
No.2 Grade Red Label
  • Mixed grain, (unlimited flat grain)
  • Knots and defects allowed in the top 1/3rd of the shingle
  • Small quantity of sapwood is allowed
  • A long lasting and very functional shingle when used correctly
  • A shorter exposure is required for use on roofs and walls
No.3 Grade Black Label
  • Mixed grain, (unlimited flat grain)
  • Knots and defects allowed in the top 2/3rds of the shingle
  • Small quantity of sapwood allowed
  • No visible knots or defects when applied at 3 layers
  • A budget minded grade that can be used very successfully - great value
  • A shorter exposure is required for use on roofs and walls
No.4 Grade Under Coursing 
  • Unlimited knots and defects throughout the face of the shingle
  • Can be used as a very rustic wall covering where water proofing not important. 
  • Generally used as an under course material
  • Also used as "builder shims"
3. What is the difference between Premium Grade and No.1 Grade shakes?

Western Red Cedar HAND-SPLIT and RESAWN are available in two different grades only - Premium Grade Blue Label and No.1 Grade Blue Label. Most mills make a No.1 Blue Label "Select" quality, an upgraded No.1 Blue Label. Yes, it is confusing...

Hand-split tapered shakes, (tapersplit shakes) and Straight-Split shakes (barn shakes) are almost always available in Premium Grade only. 

Certi-Split® Premium Grade Blue Label 

  • the highest grade shake available
  • 100% Edge Grain
  • 100% Clear (free of knots)
  • 100% Heartwood
  • quality and prices may vary from mill to mill

Certi-Split® No.1 Grade Blue Label

  • considered to be a lower quality roof due the flat grain component 
  • minimum 80% Edge Grain
  • maximum 20% Flat Grain
  • 100% Clear (free of knots)
  • 100% Heartwood
  • quality and prices will vary from mill to mill
"Select" No.1 Blue Label
  • CSSB-97 Certi-Split® grading rules do not definitions for "Select" quality
  • "Select" quality labels are a mill designated upgrade from a No.1 Blue Label
  • "Select" quality label specifications and pricing will vary from mill to mill
  • "Select" quality labels usually indicate the shakes have been edge trimmed, maintain a better average width and are more uniform in thickness / appearance. 
  • Non Certi-Split® shakes labeled as No.1 Select may vary significantly in quality and price within the market.
  • We recommend that buyers understand this difference when considering No.1 Grade Blue Label with a "Select" or other similar marketing designation.
4. What is the difference between edge grain and flat grain?

Edge grain and flat grain refer to the orientation of the tree's annular growth rings to the sawn surface of the shingle or the split face of a shake. These terms are used similarly in all aspects of wood products. Please find additional information and photos below to help define the differences.

Edge Grain

  • also known as vertical grain, quarter sawn, rift sawn or radial grain
  • all wood species are more dimensionally stable when sawn or split at 90º to the growth rings, (quarter sawn oak flooring)
  • edge grain better resists movement during changes in moisture content
  • 100% edge grain shingles or shakes will always perform better than grades that allow flat grain
  • the vertical lines on the exposed face of a shingle or shake indicate the fine grained growth rings of Western Red Cedar or Alaska Yellow Cedar
  • looking at the butt end of an edge grain shingle, you will see the annular growth rings standing on end, perpendicular to the surface - like a comb

Flat Grain

  • also known as flat sawn, slab sawn, plain sawn or tangential grain
  • flat grain boards or shingles tend to curl, cup or move more readily than edge grain products, relative to the wood species
  • flat grain cedar shingles and shakes can be used very successfully when the project and application methods are carefully considered. Ask us how to save money with mixed grain products! 
  • flat grain can be seen as the open, swirling grain on the face of a shingle or shake
  • looking at the butt end of a flat grain shingle, you will see the annular growth rings running from edge to edge, parallel to the face of the shingle
5. What is the difference between Red Cedar, Yellow Cedar and White Cedar?

These three seemingly similar species of coniferous softwoods are all native to North America only, but differ in may ways.  Please find a brief outline of their specifications, features and benefits below.

Western Red Cedar / WRC (thuja plicata)

  • WRC is known as the "tree of life" and used for centuries by the native peoples of the North American west coast
  • known for its excellent properties for exterior applications, WRC has been one of the major softwood species harvested for many decades
  • WRC grows west of the Rocky Mountains from Alaska down through British Columbia, Washington, Idaho and Oregon.
  • WRC varies in colour naturally, from a light yellow to a dark chocolate brown, even within the same tree 
  • fresh cut WRC has a sweet and delicious smell, loved by most everyone that experiences it
  • the worlds largest production of shingles and shakes for roofing and siding is produced from WRC, with approximately 75% of the this volume originating from a 60 mile (100km) radius of Vancouver, BC Canada
  • WRC shingles and shakes have been exported worldwide since the early 20th century
  • there are many variations of these products available - different lengths, different thicknesses and different grades all taking a special place in the market.
  • Welcome to WoodRoof.com - we are WRC shake and shingle experts! AYC and EWC too! 

Alaska Yellow Cedar / AYC (chaemcyparis nootkatensis)

  • AYC is not actually a cedar, but belongs to the cypress family of trees
  • also known as - Nootka Cypress, Alaska Cypress, Yellow Cypress, Nootka Cedar, Alaska Cedar, Yellow Cedar
  • this species is harvested in much smaller quantities than WRC and the other dominant species of the regions
  • AYC growths along the west coast mountains of USA and Canada,  north through Washington, British Columbia and Alaska
  • AYC tends to grow at higher elevations - approx 3000 ft (900 m) at the 49th Parallel
  • the shorter growing season at high elevation results in fine grain with very tight growth rings
  • AYC is harder and stronger than WRC and EWC, similar to old growth Douglas Fir
  • freshly cut, AYC is a bright and uniform yellow colour
  • AYC turns to a natural silver grey colour relatively quickly with good exposure to the weather
  • AYC has a distinct smell, very different than WRC and immediately recognizable to the trained nose
  • for roofing and siding, AYC shingles and shakes are best when Premium Grade Blue Label - 100% edge grain only
  • AYC is most commonly produced into 18" (45cm) lengths only
  • the most common AYC products are listed below, and come from mills near Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
  • No.1 Blue Label 18" Perfection Shingles
  • No.1 Blue Label 18" Re-Butted & Re-Jointed Sidewall Shingles
  • Premium Grade 18" x 5/8" Tapersawn Shakes
  • Premium Grade 18" x 1/2" Medium Hand-Split & Resawn Shakes

Easter White Cedar / EWC (thuja occidentalis)

  • also known as Northern White Cedar, Yellow Cedar(!), Atlantic White Cedar, Swamp Cedar, Cedrus Lycea, False White Cedar, Thuia du Canada, American Arborvitae amongst others.
  • is native to the Great Lakes regions, Northeast USA and Southeast Canada.
  • is generally a much smaller tree than WRC or AYC
  • known for its good resistance to decay, is produced primarily into exterior and garden products
  • there is a large production and very strong product for EWC shingles, used mostly for exterior siding applications
  • produced mostly in 16" (40cm) lengths, EWC shingles are favoured for their tendency to turn a silver grey quickly and naturally
  • EWC is available in other variations of sawn shingles and in same cases split shakes. 
  • although used successfully for roofs, they are primarily flat grain (vs edge grain) so care should be taken for proper application methods and longevity expectations
  • these shingles are available in 3 grades:
  • "A" Extras - 16" shingles - superior grade, no knots or defects for roofs and walls
  • "B" Clears - 16" shingles - standard grade, no knots or defect on the exposed face, best used for walls 
  • "C" 2nd Clears - 16" shingles - economy grade, exposed defects, rustic appearance, best used for siding
  • all of these EWC shingle products are available "Re-Squared and Re-Butted" for a clean, square appearance on walls
  • all of these EWC shingle products are available with a very good selection of pre-primed, pre-stained and multiple coat stain finishes.
  • ask us more about these great siding shingles!
6. What does "Budget / Better / Best" mean?

We know cedar shingles and shakes - and the many variables. We want to help our customers understand the potential for differences between grade and quality.

Western Red Cedar shingles and shakes are available in many types and sizes. Products are manufactured and inspected to meet a set of grading rules set out by the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau, (CSSB-97) and various building codes in the USA and Canada. 

We believe that cedar shingles and shakes should be milled to the highest standard possible. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Some mills and wholesalers produce and promote sub-par materials, while other mills maintain the highest levels of quality possible. This range of qualities available within the same grading rule can be astounding. 

We have decided to use the terms, "Budget / Better / Best" rather than, "Good / Better / Best." We cannot recommend products in the, "Good/Budget" quality level unless you are familiar with the differences. In our opinion, this quality level is not, "good enough." In most cases, this crap will cost more money in the short and long term. 

We hope that these, "quality/price" designations help illustrate the different quality and price point levels in the market. We want to ensure our customers understand these variables and help them make informed decisions. Roofing and siding with cedar are significant decisions. Let us help you. Please call, email or send a message through the website. We are here to help!

Thank you for visiting WoodRoof.com. 

Love your roof.™ 

7. What is the difference between 18" Perfections and 18" R&R Sidewall shingles?

The Western Red Cedar No.1 Blue Label 18" Perfection Shingle is the most common cedar shingle used for roofing. It is popular all over the world. 

The Western Red Cedar No.1 Blue Label 18" Re-Butted & Re-Jointed, (R&R) sidewall shingle is the most common grade and size of shingles used for exterior siding. These R&R shingles have been used for many decades throughout USA and Canada.

What is the difference?

The 18" R&R shingles are remanufactured from raw 18" Perfection shingles for a number of reasons:

  • the shingles are selected to meet preferred aesthetics for use on walls
  • the shingles are kiln dried to pre-shrink and stabilize the wood
  • the shingles are cut square and parallel on all four edges - re-butted and re-jointed
  • the square edges speed installation and result in a more refined appearance
  • the kiln dried wood is now ready for priming, painting or staining
  • cardboard boxes keep the shingles clean, dry and ready for shipment
  • available in a variety of grades other than No.1 Blue Label
  • R&R shingles should always be kept clean and dry before installing
Please call or email with any other questions. Thank you. 
8. What does "coverage" mean?

Western Red Cedar shingles and shakes have standardized bundle sizes to cover a certain area, based on how this product is applied. In North America, we often use the term, "roofing square" or "square". This is know to be a roof or siding area of 100 square feet, (9.3 m2). 

A No.1 Blue Label 18" Perfection is normally applied on the roof at a 5-1/2" exposure. These shingles are packaged as four bundles per roofing square based on the maximum recommended 5-1/2" exposure. Therefore, each bundle will yield a coverage of 25 sq ft (2.32 m2) applied at 5-1/2" exposure, (140mm). This same bundle when applied on the wall at a 7-1/2" exposure, (190mm) will yield a coverage of 34 sq ft.

Please check our Coverage Tables for additional information. Call or email too! 

9. What does "exposure" mean?

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What Our Clients Have to Say

We strive to give our clients the highest quality products, expert technical advise and superb service. We appreciate the thousands of customers that have trusted us with their cedar shake and shingle projects. Thank you very much!

We are a high quality cedar shingle siding contractor working in the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years. Our work is only as good as the quality of cedar shingles we can source. Working with great shingles makes our job easier and creates lasting value for the customer. Lloyd and his staff at WoodRoof.com get it. They understand what we need and they deliver. We have been working with Lloyd for about 5 years now and I always feel like we are well looked after. 

Every time I ask Lloyd a question, either on the phone of over email, he gives me the answer, an accurate answer, quickly. We don't enjoy that luxury with the usual distribution and trade in the Bay Area. This means I can promptly give our customers an informed response to their questions. Give the Cedar Shingle Guru a call. 

Pete Sutton, Marin County Sidewall | May 16, 2012

Hey Katie,

Just wanted to say thanks for all of your efforts on my behalf... I really appreciate the customer care and concern that you extended me!! Everybody loves the shingles... thought I would send you a couple of pics so you could see them as well. I look forward to order material from you for my next job. Have a wonderful week!!

Thanks again... Bill

Bill Jewell | August 12, 2012

Thanks to a referral from one of my colleagues here in NorCal, we made contact with WoodRoof.com. We install fire treated heavy shakes on houses in the Napa area. After receiving 6 shipments so far, we continue to get top quality shakes and a quick turnaround. In most cases, once I order, the shakes arrive on site about one week later. This is faster, cheaper and easier than buying them from the local distributors. Thanks Lloyd.

Kurt Grosser, Napa, CA | March 11, 2012

Thank you for the beautiful cedar shingles!

Ford Family | Darien, CT | 2011

The truck arrived at 7:10am and had them unloaded by 7:40. The shingles look great. Thank you for the pictures and shingle application manual. This has been a wonderful transaction - faster delivery, lower price and better quality than if I had gotten them at the lumber yard, where I would have had to get them from the store to my home. I appreciate your service. Thank you. 

D. Henderson, Neptune Beach, FL | May, 2002

Dear Lloyd,

Thank you so much. The house in Farragut / Fox Den is complete. It will be August before the roofer can get to the house in North Carolina. Again, I certainly appreciate your help. The roofer was very complimentary of the quality of shakes that you sent. 

WM Hovis, M.D., Knoxville, TN | June 29, 2012

Working with WoodRoof.com has been a big benefit to Civil Master. Thailand is a new market for cedar shake roofing on resorts and private dwellings. Once we made contact with Lloyd, he was on a plane to Bangkok to help us understand the different products and price points. Lloyd is a Cedar Roofing Oracle! Most of the projects are very price conscious and we worked together to find the best solutions for our customers. We rely on Lloyd to hand-pick our orders, to ensure our shipments maintain the quality we need. 

WoodRoof.com is a one-stop-shop where we can include nails, roofing paper, ridge cap and lumber in our containers. They are also experts in the shipping industry, arranging all the freight and documentation at better rates than we can secure. Transactions are clear and transparent. 

Matt Harrison, CMI-Thailand | July 2008

The shingles I received were exactly as advertised on the web site. The transaction was very easy and smooth. I received the shingles in California within a few days of placing the order. WoodRoof.com made my internet purchasing experience a simple and easy transaction. 

W. Torell, Torell Construction, Cambria, CA | June, 2001

Download Product and Installation Brochures

Please follow the links below to download a great source of technical information and brochures produced by the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau.