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About WoodRoof.com

Serving The Industry Since 2001

Marni White – Principal and Operator WoodRoof.com Cedar Shingles and Shakes has been online since 2001. Previously we have been a division of Lloydco International Wood Products Ltd, registered in the province of British Columbia since 1996. Marni White, a long time employee of the company purchased woodroof.com in January of 2015. While the company is under new ownership, the quality and service has and will remain our top priority. Marni White, has worked in the cedar shingle industry since 2004 and places the utmost importance on customer service and customer satisfaction.

We Sell Beautiful Cedar Wood… For Your Roof

We promote, sell and ship roofing and siding products that have been manufactured from magnificent trees that are centuries old. As stewards of the industry, we take this opportunity very seriously. Our customers are home owners, contractors, builders and resellers – many of them very new partners that entrust us with their roofs or walls and who pay us thousands of dollars in advance of receiving their products. We take this responsibility very seriously. We believe that by providing the best cedar shake siding and cedar wood siding, we make every house feel like the perfect home by helping owners add character and their own personal touch to the structure. Our products allow homeowners and builders alike to improve the overall aesthetic of any home. Much of our day is spent teaching and learning. While answering your questions about cedar shingle siding and different types of roofing materials you can use on your home, we learn more about your home improvement projects. The human connection is very important to our process because this allows us to understand how our cedar shakes siding and roofing products can best help you in your home improvement goals. We both want the same end result, as shown by the WoodRoof.com motto, “Love your roof.” Many of our customers are home owners that will only need to buy from us once. Thank you to the thousands of you that have trusted us since 2001. Thank you also to our many, many repeat customers that trust us time and time again.Our success in providing homes with cedar shingles and various roofing materials would not be possible without your belief in what our products can do for your home. Our business would not prosper either if not for your continued trust that WoodRoof.com only provides the best quality materials every time you choose to work with us. We love and respect these products for their natural beauty, timeless traditions and proven track record. Cedar shingles and shakes have always evoked a touch and feel response from people. Please find some words below that come to mind.
  • Bio-degradable
  • Durable
  • Impact Resistant
  • Added Value
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Warm to Touch
  • Curb Appeal
  • Low Carbon Foot Print
  • Wind Resistant
  • Light Weight
  • Community Builder
  • Limitless Design
  • Renewable
  • Labor Intensive
  • Natural
  • Love Your Roof!  It’s a Beautiful Way to protect Your Building!

Wide Range of Cedar Shingles, Shakes, and Accessories

As your reliable online source for several types of shingles and shakes – from cedar shake roofing products to cedar shingle siding materials and other accessories – we make sure that you don’t have to look elsewhere. We carry a wide range of products for all your needs so you can conveniently choose products that you want – whether you’re a homeowner, a contractor, a builder, or a reseller.

Committed To Complete Quality

We have been lauded a lot of times for the quality of the products that we offer, and we have taken it seriously. Too seriously that we don’t know how else to do it: we guarantee you of finding cedar shake siding and roofing products, as well as shingles, that will be one of the best purchases of your lif EMAIL US TODAY