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Homes Look Better and Last Longer with Quality Cedar Shingle Siding

Homes Look Better and Last Longer with Quality Cedar Shingle Siding

Western Cedar Shingles and Shakes, Cedar wood siding

DoItYourself.com discusses the major benefits of durable and lightweight cedar siding, and compares it to other commercially available siding materials. Among other things, the article points out cedar’s beauty, excellent insulating property, and durability as the main factors for its continued popularity.

Compared to other types of wood, cedar has excellent resistance to rot, bacteria, fungi and mildew. This makes it a much tougher wood that is less prone to problems. All it requires is a cleaning about twice a year and regular inspection for termites and moisture accumulation. If you provide proper care, your cedar siding will last for many decades. It is a low maintenance siding unlike other types of wood.

Siding protects your home from the elements by serving as the cladding for the exterior wall surface. Since the siding material covers virtually all the home exterior, this is your home’s most visible surface. The entire look of your home, thus, depends to a large extent on the type and quality of any siding material you choose. Western Red Cedar shingle siding, in particular, is known for its natural warmth, beauty, and superior impact-resistant quality, plus the sort of rustic look many homeowners and potential home buyers find appealing.

Few exteriors have the same warmth, beauty and natural appeal of cedar siding. Most homeowners prefer this type of siding because it is very attractive and blends in perfectly with most backgrounds. Cedar has been used in buildings for ages and it is therefore regarded as the traditional siding material of choice. Cedar has a unique grain pattern that gives it a beautiful look and also makes it much more resilient.

While cedar shingles siding offers exceptional weather resistance, it may not last as long as other inorganic siding materials. Cedar siding, thus, requires quality coating to keep insect infestation, rot, and moisture at bay. Homeowners can select between a semi-transparent finish that allows the natural beauty of cedar to show through or a solid-color stain with an opaque finish.

The exquisite appeal of cedar shingle siding makes it the perfect choice for homeowners who prefer a warm, inviting look for their homes. You can also opt for thicker, precision-cut tapersawn shakes with a uniform thickness and look. Count on a trusted name like WoodRoof.com to for a selection of the best cedar siding options in the market.

(Article Excerpt and Image from The Benefits of Cedar Siding Homes, DoItYourself.com)

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