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What Our Clients Have to Say

 We strive to give our clients the highest quality products, expert technical advise and superb service. We appreciate the thousands of customers that have trusted us with their cedar shake and shingle projects. Thank you very much!

Historical Project in New York
Genesee County Country Village & Museum

”  I am the Preservation Carpenter for the Genesee Country Village and Museum, here in New York. I contacted Woodroof and spoke with Marni. She was a great help regarding projects we were undertaking and supplied us with Cedar shakes.  We have order several times as the quality and price were exceptional. I have given Woodroofs name to other roofers who also have ordered from Marni. You couldn’t ask for a better supplier.  “

Keith Hollis 2019

“This is my story of how I met Marni and woodroof.com

Rarely do you email a website based on a google search, coupled with a single internet picture and become an evangelist for them years later.  But this is my story.  We live on the coast of Ocean City Maryland looking right out the inlet at the Ocean.  Stunning on beautiful days and “a siding torture” chamber during Hurricanes and brutal winter NorEasters.  

We were adding on to our house, doubling it in size and we looked at every siding imaginable.  We love the classic look of wood, but wanted the perceived durability of vinyl or cement based products.  However after looking at our neighbor’s houses made with cement based painted products and vinyl, even the very high end products, we came to the conclusion that they all just look fake no matter what choice you make, so we took the dive on going to cedar.  Excellent choice said our local building supply house.  A few weeks later a truck of local supplied cedar showed up and all I remember thinking was “did someone spill their oatmeal on these?.  They looked terrible just sitting on the pallets.  The texture was wrong, the color was awful and the expense was high.

That is when I went on a search for something better.  No builder involvement, definitely no building supply warehouse…..just me and my computer.  I had to be fast, as the roof was already half off!  Within a few hours, I found woodroof.com.  Ok, so not a perfect name based on my siding search, but I thought I would give it a try.  One email, one phone call and 48 hrs later, I had multiple samples in my hand, multiple finishes to evaluate and a deep understanding of the exact trees, mills and process that would be used to make my siding.  I was thinking….”I found the source!”  The samples were priceless.  I knew right away what was right for our look.  I chose a rough milled surface, something that was not even available on the east coast via traditional supply.  It is a cross between the refined look of sawn shingles and rough split shake…..”sawn with a milled personality and controlled texture”.  The sample looked stunning against the blue and green of our marina back yard.

So I took the plunge and ordered an entire truckload from Marni.  It’s always unnerving to wire money to a stranger and hope a truck load of perfectly finished, custom shingles shows up……but I was still thinking “I found the source!!”

Then the first tropical storm of the season showed up right in the middle of ripping 1/2 of my house apart with a new born inside.  I was 56 years old and feeling a bit like a nut job as tarps blew off the house and I battled the flow of water away from our existing house with only an interior wall between tropical chaos outside and our living space.  I was 5 hours into the battle and breaking even on the fight when woodroof.com’s truck showed up.  (I must note this was literally less than 3 weeks from the day I ordered it, and it shipped from BC Canada to the East Coast.)

I would swear I saw an angel that day.  The truck literally glowed with the warmest red cedar “light” I have ever seen, even in the middle of a storm.  The shingles were perfectly packed and perfectly palletized.  I was able to unload them in about 30 minutes and get back to my fight against the storm.  But as I dumped trash cans of water out of the open, unfinished windows, I could not help but look and smile at the pallets of glowing red cedar below.  I knew it was all going to be worth it.

That was really it.  The outcome of the job is stunning.  The shingles are stone cold beautiful!  The house is rock solid tight and the key to cedar besides being beautiful is they are really quiet.  The wind can howl at 80mph plus outside and the siding never makes a sound.  Vinyl flaps, concrete transfers noise, but cedar is both a thermal insulator and a sound insulator.  The house “feels” rock solid because it is literally thicker.  Wood adds structure with every layer applied, and with that structure comes a beauty that can not be duplicated by any other material.

Marni, the owner of woodroof.com was the person I first met via google.  I worried about wiring her money.  Would she deliver, could she be trusted, did she really know the mills?  Yes to all.  Today we still exchange pictures of the house and the kids that are growing up fast inside it.  I think my 3 year old daughter says it best…..”daddy I love our house.”  “So do I Ellie, so do I.”

George Tunis February 2021