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Cedar Shingles, Shakes, Siding - Premium Quality
World Wide Delivery

Premium Quality, High Grade Cedar Products.

We have shipments departing around the globe almost every day. USA & Offshore shipments are our specialty.

Introducing Cedar Breather System

Add a membrane that extends the life of your cedar shingle or shake Roof. Cedar Breather System ventilates the shingles and shakes to allow the cedar to thoroughly dry and live it’s full, beautiful life.

3D Barrier Reduces Rot Potential

For More Information and To Puchase  This Amazing Product to Help Protect Your Home and Your Cedar Shake or Shingle Investment Contact Us Today 


Premium Hand Picked
Cedar Shingles and Cedar Shakes Siding

Mill Direct Pricing. Hand Picked Quality. Wide Range of Cedar Shingles, Shakes.

Cedar Shingles

Loved by millions around the world for their natural charm and proven performance

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Yellow Cedar

A strong and durable cedar that weathers silver grey quickly and naturally

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Cedar Shingle Siding

Beautiful and functional, traditional cedar shingle siding adds warmth and character

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Cedar Tapersawn Shake

Thicker than a traditional cedar shingle for a smooth, strong, uniform profile

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Cedar Handsplit Shakes

Naturally rustic split cedar shakes shed water faster and look great for decades

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Quality Assurance

Our eyes have over 25 years experience when hand picking Cedar shingles and Cedar shakes for our customers. 

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Committed To Complete Quality Satisfaction

We have been lauded a lot of times for the quality of the cedar and treated cedar products that we offer, and we have taken it seriously. Too seriously that we don’t know how else to do it: we guarantee you of finding cedar shake siding and roofing products, as well as cedar shingles, that will be one of the best purchases of your life.

As your reliable online source for several types of  cedar shingles and cedar shakes – from cedar shake roofing products to cedar shingle siding materials and other accessories – we make sure that you don’t have to look elsewhere. We carry a wide range of cedar products for all your needs so you can conveniently choose products that you want – whether you’re a homeowner, a contractor, a builder, or a reseller.

Why Shingles & Shakes?

The Advantages of Cedar

We love and respect these products for their natural beauty, timeless traditions and proven track record. Cedar shingles and shakes have always evoked a touch and feel response from people. 



Inpact Resistant

Added Value

Thermal Insulation

Warm to the Touch

Curb Appeal

Low Carbon FootPrint


WoodRoof.com Projects Gallery

Some Amazing Projects with our Shingles and Shakes 

Knoxville Heavy Handsplits

Western Red Cedar Premium Grade 24″ x 3/4″ Heavy Handsplit & Resawn Shakes, CCA treated, applied at 10″ exposure using felt paper interlayment.

Staff photo – 2012.

World Wide Export

We have shipments departing around the globe almost every day. USA & Offshore shipments are our specialty. This photo shows a beautiful teak roof on a Buddhist Temple in Northern Thailand.

Staff photo – 2011. 

Tapersawn in Whistler, BC

Photo taken at Whistler/Blackcomb, BC. It is a beautiful example of a Western Red Cedar Premium Grade 18″ x 5/8″ Tapersawn Shake.

Staff photo – 2003.

Western Red Cedar, Bay Area Beauty

Western Red Cedar No.1 16″ 5X shingles applied on a wall in Berkley, CA at a 5″ (125mm) exposure. The shingles were stained with an alkyd oil translucent stain.

Staff photo – 2005.

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