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Your Quality Assurance

Our Experience and Expertise Is Your Assurance

Our eyes have over 25 years experience when hand picking shingles and shakes for our customers. We demand that all our suppliers meet and exceed the minimum specifications for grade. Here are some of the things we look for. 

Absolutely, Positively – Proper labels on bundles

Only mills that adhere to independent, third party inspections make it past our first line of quality control. The best example of this are the mills belonging to the Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau. These Bureau member mills are regularly inspected by audited “third party” grading agencies. The grading agencies inspect production according to the rules and regulations set out by the Cedar Bureau. A mill’s compliance with such accredited inspection services and adherence to building codes is clearly marked on every label on every bundle Bureau stock bearing the “CERTI-LABEL” Brand.

The alternative is product from mills that are inspected by grading services hired by the mills themselves – or worse yet, self-inspected mills. 

Quality Raw Material

Only product using tight grain, old growth Western Red Cedar or Alaska Yellow Cedar is good enough for WoodRoof.com customers. We maintain regular visits and inspections with all of our suppliers. We see the quality of logs and shake blocks going into the mill and we see the finished products. We know where to look and we what to look for. 

Smooth Sawn Faces

When selecting sawn shingles, we always look for smooth sawn faces. This means the mill keeps their saws sharp and well maintained. This is a good indication that the mill owners take pride in their products and most other grade characteristics will also be top notch.

Uniform Butt Thickness

Like smooth sawn faces, shingles with uniform butt thickness means the machines are well maintained and that the sawyers keep their eye on things. Uniform thickness in hand-split and resawn shakes indicate good quality raw material and attention to detail.

Clean, Smooth Butt Ends

For all shingles and shakes, and smooth sawn butt end means the saw used to cut the logs to length, (blocks) is kept sharp. Not only does a clean butt look better, (stop giggling…) it will last longer. A rough, hairy butt, (stop laughing, this is serious…) will dry more slowly, trap dirt and vegetation, allowing the agents of decay to grow. 

Good Widths

We look to make sure that our customers get bundles will a good percentage of wide shingles. A higher percentage of wider shingles means better aesthetics, less labor and less nails.

Proper Lengths

We want to maintain that the product is “on grade” with respect to lengths. If the product is not long enough, there is a chance the roof will not perform as designed.

Bundle Content

We make sure a bundle is a bundle and your “roofing square” of shakes covers what it should! We count the lineal measure in a randomly selected number of bundles to ensure the proper content is present – to make sure you get what you pay for.

Packaging and Presentation

Do you always chose the newspaper without wrinkles or the cereal box that hasn’t been crushed? We do the same for our customers when it comes to cedar. We look for freshly cut, well packaged and well presented material. Not only does a well palletized product look better but it will arrive at the job site in better condition.