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Application & product guides – download below. 

Thank you to the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau, (CSSB) for making these the most comprehensive reference tools available. We highly recommend that the information provided in these manuals is closely followed. This information is not intended to supersede local building codes. Always check with your building officials to confirm the proper requirements in your area. Please contact us with any of your questions. Thank you again for visiting WoodRoof.com. 

Please click on the links below to start the download of each brochure. 

Product Catalogs

 CSSB Full Product Catalog (8733 KB)

 CSSB Cedar Roofing: Proven Weather Resistance (4353 KB)

 CSSB What is a shake shingle? (264 KB)

 CSSB Cedar Shingles and Shakes (7634 KB)

Installation – Roofing

 CSSB New Roof Manual – Imp. (4281 KB)

 CSSB New Roof Manual – Metric (4093 KB)

 CSSB Installation – Spanish (6411 KB)

 CSSB Tapersawn 3-Ply Application (89 KB)

 CSSB Asphalt-Saturated Felt (654 KB)

 CSSB Cedar Roofing Fasteners (83 KB)

 CSSB Cedar Roof Care (400 KB)

Installation – Siding

 CSSB Siding Guide (967 KB)

 CSSB Siding Finishing Guide (3831 KB)

 CSSB Sidewall Finished Tech Lit (280 KB)