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Our Environmental Statement

Our Environmental Statement

In our line of business, concern for the environment plays a huge role on production and operation. We have encountered many queries regarding the source of our products. We value these questions as they present the perfect opportunity for us to explain what the story is behind every shake and shingle we offer. 

 We always hear about the dangers of deforestation and other environmental concerns about the logging industry. A new atmosphere surrounds the world market and public consumers, leading to thorough monitoring and improvement of logging practices. 

 These improvements are the backbone of the methods we employ to produce red cedar shingles and shakes as well as our other wood products. The Western Red Cedar grows chiefly along North America’s lush west coast, namely Alaska, British Columbia, Oregon, and Washington. The sprawling forestry divisions of USA and Canada are being cared for and replanted by logging companies. Today, more trees can be found in the area than there were a century ago. 

How Shakes and Shingles Are Produced

 Western Red Cedar shingles and shakes are indeed cut from old growth logs in the coastal temperate rain forest, but its story doesn’t end and start there. Shake blocks are the main source of red cedar shakes and these blocks are harvested in a very ecologically-friendly manner. Sourced from previously logged sites, shake blocks are salvaged by blocker cutters so that this naturally dead resource can be put to good use. 

 The shake blocks are cleaned and trimmed prior to being transported to shake mills. Aside from producing shakes as a finished products, the mills play a major role in providing material for shingles. As with the careful production of each cedar shake, shingles are scavenged from lumber mills. 

 Cedar logs that cannot be made into fencing, furniture, joinery, decking, and siding are used by shake and shingle mills. Touched by human hands throughout the process, shake and shingle production are a main driving force in keeping local economies secure. A huge amount of work is required to produce quality cedar shingles and shakes but the overall production does very little to disturb the environment. 

The Natural Choice 

Here at WoodRoof.com, it’s not all about business. We do care about the environment and we care about you. If we look at the bigger picture and consider shifting to asphalt shingles, wouldn’t that have a bigger impact on nature? A wooden roof naturally recycles and leaves no toxic waste, but this is not the case with man-made products such as asphalt shingles. 

 You can be sure that we adhere to all environmental laws and fully support the effort to preserve the environment – our uncompromising quality standards would not allow us to do any less. If you have other questions, call us now at (866) 419-0635 or (604) 476-1579 or kindly visit our Contact page.