Western Red Cedar 18" Re-Butted & Re-Jointed

Western Red Cedar 18" R&R Shingle Siding

Western Red Cedar 18" R&R Shingle Siding
Western Red Cedar 18" R&R Shingle Siding

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Western Red Cedar 18Western Red Cedar 18Western Red Cedar 18

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Western Red Cedar 18" R&R Shingle Siding

Species: Western Red Cedar (thuja plicata)
Grade: Certigrade® No.1 Blue Label
Quality / Pricing Levels: Better / Best
Price - per carton: US$155.00 + $2.00 for Sanded or Grooved
Area / carton - 3 layer wall: 39 sq ft @ 5-1/2" exposure (3.65 m2 @ 140mm)
Area / carton - 2 layer wall: 50 sq ft @ 7" exposure (4.65 m2 @ 190mm)
Lineal measure / bdl: 1000 inches (25.4 m)
Bundle piece count (approx): approx 130-150 random width shingles
Surface appearances: Traditional - sawn both faces
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100% Edge Grain: no flat grain
100% Heartwood: no sapwood
100% Clear: no defects
Length: 18" (45cm)
Thickness: 0.45" (11mm)
Widths: random, 4"-14" (100-355mm)
Square & Parallel within 1/16" (1.5mm)


The Western Red Cedar No.1 Blue Label 18" Perfection is the most common "cedar shingle" used for roofing worldwide. It has been used throughout the USA Northeast for decades. An easy product to install with great aesthetic value for many roof designs, it is also well known in most off-shore markets. 

Traditionally applied at 5-1/2" (14cm) exposure, the Perfection shingle roof offers a clean, smooth, uniform visual. We always recommend using a No.1 Grade Blue Label shingle for roofs and walls to ensure the best performance and appearance for primary buildings.

This 18" Perfection shingle is also used to produce the No.1 18" Re-Butted & Re-Jointed sidewall shingle - the most common siding shingle. The R&R shingle is manicured to speed application and give straight and parallel lines. The raw Perfection shingle can also be used on walls very effectively, albeit with a slightly less tailored end result.


Natural - no treatment: base price
Kiln Dried: add US$2.50 per bundle
CCA Anti-rot / Anti-termite: add US$6.60 per bundle
CCA + Kiln Dry: add US$9.00 per bundle
Class "C" Fire Retardant: add US$18 - $22 per bundle
Class "B" Fire Retardant: add US$22 - $27 per bundle
Primed - one coat oil primer: add US$22 - $27 per bundle
Clear Stain - one coat clear oil: add US$43 - $46 per bundle
Semi-Transparent Oil - one coat: add US$43 - $46 per bundle
Semi-Solid Oil - one coat: add US$43 - $46 per bundle


carton weight - kiln dried: 60 lbs (27 kg)
carton weight - pre-stained: 65 lbs (30 kg)
carton dimensions: 20" x 18" x 14"
common pallet dimensions: 42" x 42" x 94"
pallet weight - natural: 1800 lbs (820 kg)
cartons per pallet: 30 cartons
20ft container capacity: max 400 bdls / 8 pallets
40ft container capacity: max 990 bdls / 18 pallets