11 Aug

"Well, they're just No.3's..."

This week, we needed to source 60 squares, (240 bundles) of WRC No.3 Grade 18" Perfection shingles to fill a 40ft container for an old customer of 25 years. It was a rush order, and due to tight market supply, we contacted to a long time broker/wholesaler in the industry. After receiving their assurances that the stock was on good and on grade, we confirmed the order. 

When the shingles finally arrived to load our container, (arrived 24 hours later than promised) a quick glance at the five pallets on the truck told me that something looked wrong. I asked the driver what mill they were from. My worst fears were heightened. I took out my measuring tape, put on my glasses and started measuring the butt thicknesses. 

Measuring 5 butts together, as per the grading rules most all the shingles were too thin. The others were too thick. The wood grain was horrible. Within 5 minutes, I told the trucker to keep the pallets on the truck. 

Shingles Rejected. Return to sender. 

When we called to complain, the salesman whined and weaselled, "Well, they're just No.3's..." 

No.3 Grade 18" Perfections can be a great product when produced, graded and utilized properly! When the mill and the wholesalers cheat, downgrading the product's value - the whole industry is downgraded. 

This is just another experience that strengthens our resolve to support only top quality manufacturers so that our customers get top quality products, every time! 

Posted by Lloyd


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