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Quality Cedar Shingle Siding Protects Your Home Against the Elements

Karyn Maier's article for discusses some interesting facts about cedar, including its historical significance, superior qualities, and various uses. Cedar is a very viable material in making durable siding for homes. It can even surpass the qualities of vinyl and aluminum, two of today's most popular siding options. 

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Today, cedar is used abundantly in the home construction industry, as well as in commercial building. Due to the rich amber hue and even texture of the wood grain, cedar siding imparts a warm, inviting look to any structure. It also offers a seamless integration with any style or design. In fact, while cedar siding is very popular to use when building new homes of contemporary design, it is also used to enhance the intricate features of Victorian architecture.

The natural pigmentation of cedar holds up well on its own with a simple finishing stain. However, the wood contains so little resin that it readily takes on other types of finishes, including paint. In addition, cedar contains a high concentration of thujaplicins, tropolone compounds that are responsible for giving the wood its characteristic aroma. These compounds are also poisonous to unwanted intruders, such as fungi and wood-eating insects.

Climate change results in stronger storms and temperature extremes that today's homes are not designed to withstand. This is where reliable cedar shingle siding offered by companies like comes into play. While many homes are already equipped with siding, the kind of material used can make all the difference.

Cedar is known to be very tough and can withstand wind speeds of up to 245 mph, which is equivalent to the force of some of the strongest hurricanes on record; with weather systems like Sandy occurring more often than usual, having proper protection is becoming more necessary. When used as siding, cedar can make a highly efficient shield for a home when a superstorm strikes. Additionally, it resists insect infestation and weathering and has an anti-bacterial property, making it an extremely useful option in more ways than one.

Moreover, the natural beauty of cedar cannot be neglected; while vinyl and aluminum can also offer protection, they can't provide that impressive look. Those who want a rustic and organic home exterior can consider getting quality cedar siding shingles. Since it is also an excellent insulator, users can also cut down on their energy expenses while helping the environment at the same time.

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