07 Aug

The Million Year Old Cedar Shingle Roof...

Once upon a time... there was a young man in New Jersey who wanted to put new cedar shingles on his roof. He always loved the look of it, and the last one served his family well. It had lasted 25 years. Wanting to maintain the memories of his old family home, he looked on the new inter-web to research the subject and to see if he could find any better pricing than his local dealers. The lumber yards didn't know much about the products and their stock looked a little rough. On top of that, they were charging a small fortune.  

As the story goes, he came across and decided to give them a call. They sounded like they knew what they were talking about. After the first 5 minutes on the phone, all his questions were answered, he had a good idea of the cost and all that was involved. He said to himself, "Holy crap, that guy is a cedar shingle guru."

After exchanging a few emails, receiving a formal quote and couple more conversations the decision was made. "I am buying cedar shingles on the internet from a stranger 3500 miles away - and I am going to install them myself," he gulped...

Jumping ahead in the story, (the shipment and delivery went without a hitch) it was time to climb on the roof. He wanted to do it right, so with the New Roof Manual from the Cedar Shake and Shingle Bureau by his side, the nails started to be hammered in. 

He was a city boy but had always loved wood. The product selected for the job was the same as the original roof - Western Red Cedar Certigrade® No.1 Blue Label 18" Perfections. He was struck by the touch and feel of these beautiful old growth shingles.

As he hammered away in the sunshine, his mind wandered again and again to the wood. Then it hit him square in face. "Wait a minute," he paused. "All of these vertical lines on the shingles are the growth rings of tree. Look at them all. This shingle is 10 inches wide and there must be 200 growth rings. That means this shingle alone is 200 years old!"

He continued to ponder the numbers, "Let's see now... my roof is 2500 square feet and I bought 100 bundles of shingles to cover it. The grading rules say that each bundle has 635 lineal inches... 100 bundles multiplied by 635 inches means that I am nailing down 63,500 lineal inches of shingles on my roof - about 10,000 shingles." 

"Wow! If there are 20 annual growth rings across every inch of every shingle, my roof will have over one million growth rings... one million, two hundred and seventy thousand to be exact. My roof is over 1,000,000 years old." 

"Wow... that is wild. What an amazing thought. What an amazing natural product." 

"I love my roof," he smiled, and continued hammering.

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01 Aug

Welcome to the new!

Thank you for visiting The April 18, 2013 launch of our new website has been a long journey. Our old site served us well, but the new and improved version was long overdue! 

We have researched and played with the newest technologies, trying to improve how you, our customers view and navigate the site contents in your quest for information and pricing on cedar shingles and shakes. At the same time we wanted to improve our business systems and customer service in the back end of our site. We truly hope this new site meets with your approvals. We look forward to receiving your comments - positive and negative!

Over the years, we have learned that e-commerce and cedar shingles and shakes are not meant for each other - so why try to build such a website? Traditional e-commerce takes the personal touch out of the process, simplifying and speeding the purchase of a book, CD or T-shirt. We want to make sure we keep the personal contact in the process! 

We want to talk to you - and we are pretty confident that you will benefit from wanting to speak with us. Whether you are a home owner, a contractor, a re-seller or an architect - considering the online search and purchase of cedar shingles and shakes is a big deal. 

You want to buy top quality! You want to save money! You want great customer service! You want expert technical advise! You want to feel confident that your supplier has your best interests in mind. This is exactly what we have tried to offer you in the new 

Pricing and Quality - You will notice that most products and pricing in our site come with Good / Better / Best offerings, even within the same grade. This will help you understand why on-line and market prices can seem to differ in our cedar shake and shingle industry. You really do get what you pay for.

Technical Information - We hope you find the site easy to search and find the products you want and all of their technical details. It's likely that these products and the terminology are new to you. If you can't find what you need, please reach out to us.  

Quantity Calculations - We want to help you confirm your needs. Call or email. We want to help ensure you get the right quantities for the job. 

Shipping & Handling - This is perhaps the biggest part of our job and how our experience can ease your task. We ship to the USA everyday and we have shipped to almost every corner of the globe. As much as we are cedar shake and shingle experts, we are also shake and shingle freight experts. 

Formal Quotes, Sales Orders and Documentation - We take our quotes, orders and shipments very seriously. Your total comfort and satisfaction in the sales and shipment process is our goal. This starts with proper and comprehensive documentation of the transaction. 

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15 Jul

The Soft Launch... here we go....

If you are reading this blog, you have obviously landed on our new website. Thank you and welcome! 

We are considering this a soft launch of the site. Not all the bugs are worked out yet. Much of the product detail will be completed very soon after our July 15, 2013 "go date." Please bear with us during this time. We should be running at top speed by August 1st. 

We look forward to hearing from you! Please say hello with any comments or questions. Thanks again for stopping by

Cheers, Lloyd

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