02 Dec

Choose Energy-Efficient & Appealing Cedar Shake Shingles for Your Home

Replacingcedar shingles is a lot more complex than simply stripping off the existing shingles and installing new ones. As American home expert Jeb Breithaupt noted in his column for the Shreveport Times:

Is the roof on your house past its prime? Was it damaged during the hail storms that blew through here a few months ago? If so, you might consider replacing your roof instead of just patching it again and again.

My advice: Buy the highest-quality roof you can afford. And then, turn your attention to color.

In fact, the question I get most often from readers who are thinking about replacing their roofs isn’t about quality. It’s about color.

Considering that your roof is one of the largest parts of your home’s exterior and it’s one of the first things people see when they walk past your house, that’s not a frivolous question.

Replacing cedar shingles is a concern for American and Canadian homeowners who wish to maintain the rustic appeal of their homes. The Pacific Northwest and the Canadian Shield boasts millions of trees of various species, such as balsam and fir; as well as red, white, and yellow cedar. Many logging firms are tasked to cut down trees and plant new ones.

When your house needs to have its cedar shingles replaced, trusted suppliers like are worth approaching for quality shingles and other roofing and siding products. Homeowners can consult their contractors or suppliers about the color of the shingles. According to the experts, the color of your shingles will affect your home's energy consumption, which is why considering your area's climate is vital during the shingle selection process.

The color of your roof can affect attic temperatures by as much as 20 to 40 degrees. Light colored shingles reflect sunlight (which helps homes in warmer climates stay cool), whereas dark colored shingles absorb heat (which helps homes in colder climates stay warm). Experts also suggest coordinating the color of your roofing shingles with the colors of the home's other structural elements.

Aside from helping your home retain more heat, dark colored shingles also help snow and ice melt on your roof. Furthermore, when choosing qualitycedar shake shingles, it's important to determine if your choice will enhance or compromise your home's curb appeal. While neutral colors are safe and ensure good resale value, more daring homeowners should consider high contrast colors that highlight specific features of their home's facade.

(Info from Jeb Breithaupt: Don't neglect color when replacing shingles; Shreveport Times)


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