29 Nov

Attractive Cedar Shingle Siding: Ideal for Renovating Older Homes

Sometimes, a house that has lasted a hundred seasons deserves a new lease of life. As Scott Gibson of Fine Homebuilding states:

As part of a city lead-abatement program, Erik Neave's 1865 Wisconsin house is being re-shingled. New white cedar shingles will cover up a layer of painted shingles, which given the age of the house no doubt are contaminated with lead-based paint.

The facelift will certainly brighten the appearance of the house while entombing the paint, but it's the installation that has Neave concerned. The contractor who successfully bid for the job has installed a layer of 1/4-in. fanfold insulation over the old shingles and is busy stapling up the new ones even as Neave writes to Fine Homebuilding's Breaktime forum for advice.

"I was on my honeymoon when they started and they are about halfway done with the house now," he writes. "I have never installed shingles before but on the things I've seen online, I am a bit concerned about the installation."

Canadians and Americans who possess older homes will no doubt take interest in such projects. On the Canadian side of the border, many historical houses in provinces like British Columbia, New Brunswick, and Alberta have stood since pre-Dominion days, and are made of several materials. However, with Canada’s northern weather conditions taking their toll on even the sturdiest of houses, occupants of historic houses will need to patch up before long, warranting cedarshingle siding replacement with the help of suppliers like Cedar Shingles and Shakes.

In approaching the problem, Neave raised concerns about the new shingles covering up fanfold insulation. Another builder suggested stripping off all the old shingles, repainting existing trim, and adding the replacement shingles. If you’ve faced such a problem yourself, you may need to have the contractor install sufficient amounts of 15-lb. or 30-lb. felt.

Traditionalcedar siding shingles are split into red and white cedar, but some suppliers also offer western yellow cedar shingles, as red and white cedar have their unique advantages and disadvantages. When renovating an older home, your preferred contractor should be consulted about the proper grades of the replacement shingles. The same also applies when you need cedar tapersawn shakes.

Restoring an old home’s appearance can be a tedious job, from replicating its original appearance to modernizing the insulation. However, companies like Cedar Shingles and Shakes are up to the task of making sure that authenticity sticks.

(Info from What's the Best Way to Install Cedar-Shingle Siding on an Old House?; Fine Homebuilding)


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