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A Guide to Properly Replacing and Installing Durable Cedar Shingles

An article on published last August 30, 2013 offers tips to homeowners looking to swap their siding. The article strongly recommends inspecting the structure and looking for signs of damage before going through with the procedure. The article also offers tips on finding the right contractor for the job.

Re-SidingSiding serves as a covering for the exterior of a home, so naturally it would take damage from the elements. It's important for householders to maintain upkeep of their siding if they wish to preserve the durability of their homes. Of course, homeowners have the option of replacing their old siding with new cedar shingles.

The article starts by enumerating a list of damages that homeowners need to look out for in their siding. Visible signs of sagging, cracking, blistering, dents, fading, missing pieces, pest infestation, rotting, and water stains are good indicators that a siding needs changing. There are many materials worth using as siding, so householders should choose carefully which type appeals to them the most.

All that siding can't just attach itself to the house; either the homeowner has to affix the shingles on his own, or will have to call upon contractors to do it for him. Householders looking for a contractor should consider taking referrals from family and friends. It would also help if homeowners stuck to looking for contractors who are licensed and specialize in siding; checking with the Better Business Bureau can help there. Of course, households should get written estimates from as many contractors as possible in order to get a better view of the project's cost.

When opting for new siding, wood might not be your first choice as a material, but you should reconsider, as they have a lot of benefits to them. Stylish cedar shake shingles from suppliers like can give any home that warm and classic look. They're also quite easy to maintain and replace in case of damage.

Siding can and will sustain damage over time, but that's just the cladding doing it's job. Homeowners who want their houses to last longer should be wary of the state of their siding. Replacing them after a certain number of years is a good practice that's sure to preserve the condition of a home's outer walls.


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